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Grrrls for National Organization for Women

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Georgia O’Keeffe exhibition Nov. 8th, 2006 @ 10:27 am

Georgia O’Keeffe exhibition: Color and Conservation
Now through December 31st


Memorial Art Gallery
500 University Ave,
Rochester, NY 14609
(585) 473-7720

From what I’ve been hearing, this is the only northeast exhibition of these works. If you’re a student/looking for a group rate, consider recruiting from an applicable class or student organization. 

I live 5 mins from the museum, so feel free to get in touch if you'll be going to the exhibit and would like ideas for places to grab lunch.

Sep. 16th, 2006 @ 12:53 pm

Ax Wound's section is up over at Pretty/Scary..... its just the very very beginings...no articles are up yet..... soon you will be able to read lots of great articles, reviews, watch original short feminist horror films, horror art, and interviews...oh, and with paypal (finally) order horror zines <3 <3<3 <3<3

text for sale? Sep. 3rd, 2006 @ 08:58 am
Does anybody have copies of these two texts for sale? The classes have already started so I'd paypal you for them, and need them shipped out immediately using expedited, not media mail. (Also can't be UPS 'cause I'm never home to sign for anything.) 

Please let me know if you're able. Thanks.

Witchcraze: A New History of the European Witch Hunts
by Anne Barstow
ISBN: 0062510363      

Human Biology
by Sylvia Mader
IBSN: 0072841869

Michelle Tea Reads @ Lucky 13 April 10th Mar. 24th, 2006 @ 04:46 pm
Michelle Tea Reads @ Lucky 13 April 10th - please crosspost!

Monday April 10th, 8 PM
Michelle Tea will be reading from her new one Rose of No Man's Land. Also reading will be Sara Seinberg!

What the New York Times has to say about Rose of No Man's Land:
“…delivered in a street-smart literary voice that growls and purrs, gnashing about fakery, crooning about lust…With Rose of No Man’s Land, Tea is trying to do for working-class teenage lesbians what S.E. Hinton’s Rumble Fish and The Outsiders did for greasers and street-brawling tough guys in the 1970’s and 80’s: let them be heard and felt.”

And from the Village Voice:
“Tea has filtered first kisses and blue-collar camaraderie through her engaging charisma, transforming them into rapturous punk odysseys…”

Stay afterward to check out our new monday night burlesque party, Original Syn!! No cover!

Lucky 13 is located at 273 13th st @ 5th Avenue, Park Slope, Brooklyn
For more info- 718.499.7553
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best political cartoon I've seen in awhile... Mar. 22nd, 2006 @ 03:52 pm

x-posted several places
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Other entries
» two bio-mommies???
So for a while I've been talking to friends about my loafty notions of having children with my wife (whoever she may end up to be), where the kids have DNA from both of us, rather than the use of a third-party (sperm donor). Until recently I thought my ideas were science-fiction. I did some google research, and as it turns out.... it's seemingly not so far off.

From what I've been able to find so far, it seems like the most common thing is something like the child having 3 bio parents.... DNA info from two eggs, and one sperm, which to me is way better than one bio mom and a donor sperm.

But also I found something about DNA just from two eggs. Where "one partner's nuclear DNA and the other partner's egg and mitochondrial DNA" are used. I'm pretty sure to find more concrete info I'll need some medical journals that use common english.

If anyone is interested in googling a bit themselves, some related terms I found were, "germline gene therapy", "ooplasmic transplatation", and "cytoplasmic transfer".

I'm not very scientifically minded, so if anyone has heard anything about this including logistics, studies, resources or health/safety problems please let me know.

» (No Subject)


A NOTE FROM HANNAH: This reading is not work safe & could be triggering.

A NOTE FROM ALAN: While I don't agree to any forms of censorship, I do believe people should be allowed to chose what they are exposed to. With that said; this reading contains some strong language and sexual content, which some listeners may not find appropriate for them.


Feel free to tell others about the podcast, but please link to this thread, not directly to the mp3 as we are using various mirrors for hosting. The link should be:

» (No Subject)
Is creating your zine therapeutic…a necessary part of your life?

Do identify as female?

Send a sample of your zine for consideration and be a part of the Zine Book Project!

Send to Hannah @

The zine book project
c/o Hannah
PO Box 1895
Grantham, NH 03753

Still have questions? Email: lickmylit@gmail.com

** feb. 1 is the last day for submissions!**

» CEA vs. ERA
Hi, all! I'm new to the community and joined primarily b/c of a paper I'm working on, though I plan to stick around long after it's done :)

Anyway, I have a question for the community, specifically those involved in NOW.

I'm currently in the midst of writing a strategy memo for a Public Policy course. I chose NOW as the organization to focus on, and constitutional equality as my topic/issue. The assignment was to choose an issue, then an organization working on that issue, and write a 10 page strategy for making that issue a reality. It seems rather silly that, as a 25 year old grad student, I'm supposed to lay out the strategy for a long-established organization that's had some of the world's greatest feminists working with/for it, but I'm operating on the assumption that the goal is for me to get the practice, not to solve NOW's problems :) That being said...

How do feel about the distinction between the Constitutional Equality Amendment vs. the Equal Rights Amendment? From my research, it seems that NOW was one of the ERA's strongest proponents until the mid-90s when they decided the ERA was a lost cause and created the CEA instead. Well, perhaps "lost cause" is the wrong idea... let's say they decided the ERA wasn't good enough any longer (more on that in #2 below).

Most of this decision seems to have come down to two things
1. Disagreement with the idea that the "3 State Strategy" is viable
2. Unease with the ERA's possible lack of protection over gay/lesbian rights and reproductive health

After all of my research, I have come to the personal conclusion that the ERA is still worth fighting for. Though I'm no legal scholar, it seems to me that the 3 State Strategy is realistic, and that gay/lesbians rights and reproductive health may not be explicit in the ERA (and most definitely not included in 'congressional intent'), but they are not ruled out indefinitely either. It would just take extra work over time to win on these specific issues, but I believe it is possible.

My strategy memo argues first that NOW is wrong is ditching the ERA and that the CEA is unpassable in today's social climate (based mostly on the fact that the ERA is nearly 80 years in the making as is and is half as offensive to the creeps in power as the CEA has the potential to be), then moves on to lay out the strategy for getting the ERA back on the table and into the constitution (pretty standard stuff - push it back in the public eye in a major way, stay on the offensive, frame it properly, get it back on the political center stage, and brace for the 3-State legal fight at the end).

How do all of you feel about the issue? Is the CEA the way to go or is the ERA still worth fighting for?
» So much exciting news

We've had a lot of amazing things happen for us at Heroine Films this month. A lot of it do to support from this community and others. We've gathered support from a lot of different places but honestly, Livejournal has shown us the most amazing people.

So as for what's up: We have finally posted the interview that we did on the NC television show Second Cinema.  You can watch it in at www.heroinefilms.net/scinterview.html

There is an article coming out about us in this months upcoming issue of CURVE Magazine. I believe it comes out on the 15th if you'd like to check it out. Also, MTV's new LGBTQ channel LOGO has put together a package for us for advertising purposes (we'll be showing our trailer to the over 13 million homes LOGO already goes to) and they are interested in buying the finished film. As I said in the last update, we also got a large portion of our funding from the production company AMVF. 

Thank you so much to all of those who have supported us. It is all your continued letters, emails, comments, and donations that has made this possible. There is no way we can express how much it means to us.

                                                    xoxox, the gals at heroine films


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