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Riot Grrrl [Split/Zine] - Grrrls for National Organization for Women

About Riot Grrrl [Split/Zine]

Previous Entry Riot Grrrl [Split/Zine] Jun. 3rd, 2008 @ 09:48 am Next Entry


The Riot Grrrl Split by Hannah Neurotica (me) + Jolie Drama is now 100 percent complete and ready for you to purchase. This is orgasmicly exciting! A lot of hard work and passion went into this project. Jolie sent me her half in November 2007 and I have just now completed my half.

One half of the zine is about how I got into Riot Grrrl and what it meant to me and then you flip it over and read how jolie got into Riot Grrrl and what it meant to her. This zine is also a call to feminist action!

paypal :: axwoundzine@yahoo.com
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